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Analysis on the principle and characteristics of fiber amplifier EDFA Jul 06, 2016

Today's fiber optic cable network has spread around the world, optical fiber communication become "information superhighway" an important pillar. But due to the fiber itself has a transmission loss that the light signal can transmit not too far away will decay to a receiver can't tell what's the extent of it. Once upon a time relay "optical-electrical-optical" optical amplification in the way. Fiber amplifier EDFA optical communications technology caused by the advent of a revolution, with optical fiber for transmission medium of telecommunications, cable television, and computer network systems play an important role.
Typical of EDFA optical amplifiers. Due to the wavelength 1550nm EDFA, with low loss optical fiber wavelength and the technology is relatively mature, so widely used. Erbium-doped fiber is the core of EDFA originals, based on silica fiber as base materials, in its core, and addition of a certain proportion of rare-earth element erbium ion (Er3+). When certain pump when injected into an erbium-doped fiber, Er3+ is inspired from low level to high level, have a short life due to Er3+ high energy level, and soon in the form of non-radiative transition to a higher energy level, and in the level and distribution of low energy levels form a population inversion between. Due to the energy difference between these two levels is exactly equal to the energy of 1550nm photons, so only 1550nm optical Maser, only magnified the 1550nm optical signal.
Fiber amplifier EDFA used JDSU, Fujitsu, Nortel, Lucent, Fitel and other world famous semiconductor company produced the wavelength of 980nm or 1480nm high linearity, optically isolated, distributed feedback, thermoelectric DFB lasers as a pump source. Machine equipped with optical power output stabilization circuit and laser thermoelectric temperature control circuit to ensure the optimal performance of the machine and the long service life of laser stability. Microprocessor software for laser work status monitor working parameters from the digital Panel (VFD). Once the laser allows set parameters deviate from software range, will automatically shut off the laser micro-processing power, red light flashes prompted alarm, digital Panel tips cause of the failure.
Characteristics of optical fiber amplifier EDFA
Erbium-doped fiber amplifier modules provide integrated, divided into two opto-electronic integration and gain of EDFA module module, which has the advantages of low power consumption, small size, easy to use, can be used according to the user's system is very easy to install in a wide variety of applications, such as SDH within the rack, CATV boxes, DWDM system rack.
Advantages of fiber amplifier EDFA
1. high quality: the front-stage pumping using 980nm, adopted after pumping 1480nm, rational optimization of power through software, minimize NF of the EDFA and can be comparable with the so-called low-power light on. Allows the system to achieve outstanding CNR.
2. reliability: adopt/19 rack 1U standard, built-in switching power supply with high performance, can work in 85 ∽ 265Vac, voltage and optional powered DC48V (reservation required); chassis cooling automatic temperature control.
3. intuitive: pump laser is the most expensive machine parts, machine equipped with microprocessor pump laser status monitor working parameters by Panel LCD displays.