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Coarse wavelength division multiplexing CWDM technology background and history Jul 06, 2016

Coarse wave division multiplexing CWDM is evolved from DWDM, CWDM had been tried as early as in the early 80 's, for example, Quante introduced a dominant four-wavelength 850nm window systems, each wavelength signal transmission rate is 140Mbit/s. In the late 1980 of the 20th century we had on the LAN use common LD, LED and PIN using multimode fiber 850nm, 1300nm window transmission of video, voice and data signals, its system of lax requirements, cost is very low, this is one of the earliest ideas and applications of coarse wavelength division, and telecoms operators of CWDM Technology does not have a tangible interest.
In recent years, as metropolitan area network and access network application development, the need to seek more cost effective bandwidth, this situation has changed.
On March 15, 1998 in United States California MRVCommunications lab, Chinese-American makehanbuke and Dr Zhan Yuheng (MarkHeimbuch) Dr coolerless laser diode and other passive components designed for coarse wave division multiplexing, so you can create cheaper communication system applied to a short Metro and access networks.
Use of CWDM coolerless laser passive device Assembly and corresponding to the first set of four bands CWDM modules soon developed. On April 14, 1999, MRV launched its first combined with CWDM and super fast Ethernet Gigabit switch router (GFS3016GigabitSwitchRouter), into Korea of metropolitan area network application market.
February 2000 because of CWDM successful development, MRV optical fiber devices and interpretation on fibre agrees to set up a new company specializing in CWDM Metro network and application access the Internet market. After the merger on March 30 announced the launch of the first composed of CWDM 10Gbit/s transceiver (Transcelver) module.
Now a lot of companies producing CWDM system in metropolitan area network and access network applications.
In May 2002, Central wavelength standard was adopted by the ITU-t study group 15th G.694.2CWDM suggested that this would greatly facilitate the CWDM products for metropolitan area network and access network application development.