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CWDM product deficiencies Jul 06, 2016

CWDM Technology's biggest problem was its cost advantage relative to the DWDM equipment is not clear enough. Optical transceiver modules and optical devices are the key to reducing costs. But because the market is small, vendor shipments is unlikely, so the device cost advantage is not obvious. Another way to reduce costs is to simplify the device capabilities, and it leads to reduced reliability and management capabilities of the system. DWDM products price decreases are also CWDM Technology under pressure, and using the DWDM technology can form a complete Metro DWDM network, so good extension, more pressure for CWDM.
CWDM devices currently supported by optical channels (wavelengths) does not exceed the number 8, primarily e-band optical transceiver module manufacturing technology is not yet mature, and eliminates water absorption less application of G.652C optical fiber cable network, so there is little demand for e-band optical transceiver modules. Higher-speed and transmission distance CWDM systems there are still many technical problems. Such as dispersion 10G systems, ultra-wideband optical amplification technology. In addition, the need to speed up the standardization process, especially for service interface function requires the operator's Guide.