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Fiber amplifier EDFA introduction of common faults and solutions Jul 06, 2016

Fiber amplifier EDFA-panel display and the actual output is synchronous, if the Panel is normal, then the normal optical amplifier output, if this case time test optical amplifier power is reduced, or not enough, most likely one of the following:
1. optical power meters are not allowed, domestic optical power meter can only test the optical power output of smaller devices, unable to test high power output EDFA, test optical amplifier optical power meter must be imported, not inaccurate to use equipment as standard.
2. outlet flange damage, this is less likely.
3. improper use of the user, plug in the machine and burn optical amplifier output of the fiber head, resulting in optical amplifier output power is reduced, if this is the case, new splice optical amplifier output connectors.
4. users use pigtail is of poor quality, the core is too long, after you insert the pigtail abrasions optical amplifier output connectors, this is the first time the test is good, insert the test light when power is reduced again for the second time, to solve the problem as long as the back splice optical amplifier output connectors can be,
5. the wavelength of the light source is wrong, if the wavelength 1550nm optical transmitter deviation can cause amplifier output power enough, can also cause display panel is small.
6. type optical amplifier optical power of smaller, if it is below standard values may result when power becomes small, and panel displays will become smaller.