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Present situation and future development trends of DWDM system Jul 06, 2016

Over the past 20 years, the development of optical fiber communication beyond the imagination of the people, and optical communications networks form the basis of modern communication network platform. Fibre optic communication system has gone through several stages of development, from the late 70 's PDH systems, mid 90 's SDH systems, as well as the recent surge of DWDM systems, as well as future technology of intelligent optical network and optical fiber communication system itself is rapidly upgrading.
Wavelength division multiplexing optical fiber communication occurs at the beginning there was, late 80 early 90, AT&T Bell Labs Tingye Li (T.Y.Lee), advocating the wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) technology, two-wavelengths WDM (1310/1550nm) System-80 in the United States use AT&T network, the rate for 2x1.7Gb/s. But by the middle of the 90 's, WDM system development speed is not fast, mainly because:
(1), TDM (time division multiplexing) technology development, 155Mb/s-622Mb/s-2.5Gb/s TDM technology is relatively simple. According to statistics, in the 2.5Gb/s system (2.5Gb/s system), the system every time you upgrade, each bit of the fall in transport costs about 30%. Because of this, in system upgrades in the past, people first think of is the TDM technology.
(2) the wavelength division multiplexing devices not yet fully mature, wavelength-division multiplexing/demultiplexing and optical amplifiers in the early 90 's began business.
Mainly because of the rapid development of DWDM:
(1) TDM10Gb/s faces the challenges of electronic components, using the TDM has been closer to the limits of silicon and gallium arsenic, TDM has not much potential to be tapped, and transmission equipment is also very high.
(2) have been deployed G.652 fiber 1550nm window high dispersion limits the transmission of TDM10Gb/s systems, optical fiber chromatic dispersion and polarization mode dispersion effect of the ever-increasing. People are increasingly interested in electrical cardioversion from the transfer to Taiwan, from light field use multiplexing to improve transmission efficiency, increase the reuse rate, and DWDM technology is the most simple business of optical multiplexing technologies.
(3) the rapid development of optoelectronic devices. 1985 United Kingdom Southampton University first developed the erbium-doped fiber amplifier. In 1990, biruili (Pirelli) developed the first commercial optical fiber amplifier (EDFA) and EDFA and commercially mature, the WDM technology made possible by long distance transmission.
From a technical and economic point of view, DWDM technology is the most economically feasible means of expanding technology