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QSFP + Is Widely Used For Data Centers Apr 09, 2018

QSFP+ is a four-channel, small, pluggable optical module that is widely used to provide high-density and low-power 40G Ethernet connectivity for data center, high-performance comuting networks, enterprice core and distribution layers, and telecom operators application.

QSFP + is used in conjunction with MPO / MTP connectors in 40G data transmission. It has four independent full-duplex channels and is transmitted over four channels. QSFP+ The transfer rate is consistent with LR4. The difference is that the 40GSR4QSFP + is often used with multimode fibers and the transmission distance is 100m when used with OM3 fiber jumpers. The transmission distance when used with OM4 fiber jumpers is 150m

Four small volumes of pluggable QSFP + solutions are designed for high density applications. The system components include electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding, active cable (AOC), QSFP+ passive copper cable assemblies, active copper cable assemblies, optical MTP cable assemblies, optical loopback, host connectors, connectors and cage stacks.

SFF-8436 document specifies a radio transceiver mechanical form factor with latching mechanism, host-board electrical-edge connector and interface. The hot-swappable transceiver integrates 4 transmit and receive channels 4. Molex‘s QSFP + transceiver can replace 4 standard SFP + transceivers. QSFP+ The result is greater port density and overall system cost savings than traditional SFP + products. The QSFP + cable assemblies are designed to provide stacked connectors that are configured for extremely high density requirements. This system will support 10 G Ethernet, Fiber Channel, InfiniBand *, SAS and SONET / SDH standards using different data rate options.

Including InfiniBand * Separate Data Rate (SDR), Dual Data Rate (DDR) and Quad Data Rate (Report), Ethernet System (10 ~ 40 gbp s), Fiber Channel (8,10 gbp s), SAS (12 gbp s).

Key features of QSFP + include:

Interoperable with other 40GBASE interfaces that meet IEEE standards for co-operation

Supports hot-swappable input / output devices that can be plugged into a 40G Ethernet QSFP + Huawei switch port

IEEE802.3ba standard in line with high-speed electrical interface

Compliant with SFF 8436 and QSFP multi-source protocol (MSA)

QSFP + high-speed optical module to support the laser optimization OM3 and OM4 multimode fiber type, QSFP+ which OM3 fiber supports the maximum transmission distance of 100m, QSFP+ OM4 fiber supports the maximum transmission distance of 150m.