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Passive Devices

  • In-line Polarizor

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    In-line Polarizor

    1. DescriptionThe In‐line Polarizer is designed to pass light with one specific polarization while blocking the other polarization. It can be used to convert unpolarized light into polarized light witRead More

  • Bandpass Filter Device

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    Bandpass Filter Device

    1. DescriprionThe Bandpass Filter device is built based on bandpass TFF(thin film filter), all-glass technique sealed process, it performs a very narrow pass working wavelength, but block both side, lRead More

  • In-line Faraday Rotator

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    In-line Faraday Rotator

    1. DescriptionThe In‐line Faraday Rotator is designed to rotate the polarization of the input light by 45 degrees. It performs low insertion loss, high extinction ratio, high return loss and excellentRead More

  • Multi-fiber Push On

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    Multi-fiber Push On

    DescriptionThe single-mode and mutimode MPO products are multi fiber connectors used in high-density backplane and Printed Circuit Board(PCB) applications in data and telecommunications system.Read More

  • Variable Optical Attenuator

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    Variable Optical Attenuator

    1. DescriptionThe PMVOA or non-PMVOA is built based on collimator with adjusting screw by hand which can easily attenuate the light in optical loop, it's widely used in optical testingRead More

  • Optical Switch

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    Optical Switch

    1. DescriptionThe mechanical optical switch is designed with leading performance in the industry, it features low Insertion loss, (typical ≤0.5dB, max≤0.8 dB) and compact size, (L)27.0×(W)12.6×(H)8.5,Read More

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